All Breakfast Items are Served ALL DAY!!!!!

Avocado Egg Sandwich- $5.99
Nine grain bread, cream cheese, pumpkin seeds, tomato, fresh avocado, hard-boiled or fried egg 

Grilled Cheese- $2.75

Grilled Cheese- $3.75
with Ham or Egg

Grilled Cheese- $4.75
with Ham and Egg

Croissant- $4.99
with Ham and Egg

Grilled Cheese and Soup- $4.99
*ask about our soup of the day!*

Breakfast Burrito- $4.99

Spinach and Cheese Turnover- $3.00

Apple Turnover- $3.00

Pesto Chicken Turnover- $3.50

Buy Frozen!!
4 Spinach and Cheese Turnovers for $10.00
4 Pesto Chicken Turnovers for $12.00